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MIND CONTROL BY MUSIC – BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl) Night of Spinning

Thursday  •  June 1st |  6:00pm  |  21+

First and foremost, our mind is happily controlled by art… but then we also have music!!

If your mind is also controlled by your fave songs / bands / musicians, then gather with us at our monthly winter get-together – MIND CONTROL BY MUSIC – BYOV (bring your own vinyl) Night of Spinning.

What is this event? It’s bringing your “can’t live without” vinyl and heading to The Lounge between 6:00pm and 10:00pm the first Thursday of the month. Here you will hang with other vinyl-philes, we will listen to one side of each other’s faves (but which side?), and then have friendly discussions (or spirited debates, but never intense arguments) over why your selections are must–haves for every music lover’s collection. 

Bonus… each participant receives a checklist to fill-out of the ingredients we have on-hand behind the bar that night (think sushi restaurant menu forms). Checkmark the ingredients you think would be in the cocktail that best represents the vinyl you brought – and give this a creative name!

Hand in your sheet, and we will announce the participants’ creations. Everyone in attendance votes on a winner, and our amazing mixologists create the cocktail (and a Zero Proof version of it), making it available for $10. at our bar that night. 

Additional motivation for creativity… the winner receives a $20. gift card to Black Dots Records & Bar – because they have a super cool independently operated space that ticks all the “everything music” boxes.

BYOV – see you then!

This event is 21+, and valid ID required at the door.