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Tix will be refunded.

UPDATE – EVENT POSTPONED – we are sorry and disappointed that this event is postponed till further notice. To the two participants who registered we have reached out and will refund you. We look forward to when we may reschedule this wonderful event, and gather more creators to participate. Thank you! Happy Ostara! 🌕


OSTARA – a Spring Equinox holiday

Celebrating by Creating – a rabbit ornament with freestyle floral embroidery with Cheri Vogelbaum of Dark Muse Studio guiding participants to make this unique creation!

Tuesday • March 19th | 6:30pm to 9:30pm  |  $49.

Tickets may be purchased  HERE.

The course fee of $49. includes all supplies to create the ornament, as well as a drink ticket for each participant that may be used at the Gallery bar for a wine, beer, cocktail, or Zero Proof Mocktail from a select menu. Alcohol purchases are for 21+ only, and require a valid ID.
Prior hand stitching experience is helpful but not necessary.
Registration is limited.
Rabbits are an important symbol of Ostara. They are associated with fertility, growth, and abundance. The rabbit was also considered a messenger between the worlds of the living and the dead. In some cultures, the hare or rabbit was seen as a symbol of the moon, which is also associated with the divine feminine.
Ostara is Wiccan and Neopagan holiday which marks the fourth sabbat holiday in the Wheel of the Year. It is a celebration of the Spring Equinox when there is balance between light and dark. It also marks the beginning of springtime and nature’s rebirth. Other symbols from nature that are associated with Ostara include eggs, spring flowers such as crocuses, lilies, and tulips, lemongrass, thyme, red clover, and seeds.
Ostara is a time of new beginnings and growth. The symbols of Ostara represent the cycle of life, the potential for growth and abundance, and the balance between light and dark. By honoring these symbols, we can connect with the energy of the season and celebrate the renewal of life.
Cheri Vogelbaum is a recent transplant to Buffalo, attracted by the city’s diversity and vibrant grassroots cultural scene. She is an accomplished jewelry and textile artist, as well as an instructor. She brings with her passion for the arts and community development, having cultivated years of experience working with Stitch Buffalo, the Box Factory for the Arts, the New Territory Arts Association, the Benton Harbor Children’s Art Fair and the Out and Affirmation Center in Southwest Michigan.