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Roger Bryan and the Orphans with Jeff Caudill, and Gathering Ground

Saturday •  August 13th |  Doors at 7:00pm  |  $10.  |  21+

For the last 15 years, Roger Bryan and the Orphans have been merging their own brand of Americana and indie rock with both grace and recklessness. They’ve created a catalog of guitar thick, ragged glory that continues to grow and evolve, while continuing to keep a heart stitched on their well-worn sleeve.
Jeff Caudill is a singer/songwriter from Southern California, and is most known as the longtime frontman for the pioneering emo-pop-punk band Gameface. But after many years and countless solo releases, Jeff has settled into crafting incredibly catchy songs with sincere vocals and a punk-inspired alt country twang. This is Jeff’s first East Coast run since 2019.
Gathering Ground grew up in the same mid-90s post-hardcore-emo-indie scenes as Gameface, alongside the likes of Texas is the Reason and Sensefield. In fact, Gathering Ground’s 1995 debut was released on same California indie label as Gameface. Adding former Piebald and Pilot to Gunner members has reinvigorated the lineup which continues to match equal parts melody and urgency.